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    Our Features

    APTN lumi

    Binge-watch your favourite APTN shows on-the-go from one convenient app. Start your trial today.

    APTN Kids

    Authentically Indigenous programming your child can grow with.

    APTN Movies

    Top up the popcorn then sneak a peek at the coming attractions! APTN has the best movies every weekend.

    Premier Contact

    Cette mini-série documentaire présente six Québécois ayant une méconnaissance et des préjugés face aux peuples autochtones.

    APTN Documentaries

    Powerful stories come from the heart. And they have the ability to change minds, to change perspectives, to bring truth to light.

    Merchants of the wild

    Six Indigenous explorers spend 25 days on the land relying solely on each other and traditional teachings.

    Dr Savannah: Wild Rose

    Each day presents a host of new challenges at the Rocky Rapids vet clinic.

    Bull’s Eye

    An exciting game show that allows Indigenous youth to test their cultural knowledge.
    APTN Social Scene